Green Terra Disposal Celebrates Earth Day 2020

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Since 1970, this environmental movement has been promoting and affecting change for our planet’s health. How we celebrate Earth Day this year will look a little different. While our medical community contends with COVID-19, the rest of us can do our part to minimize the spread by not joining together in the physical demonstration. But just because we can’t actually get together, that doesn’t mean we can’t all come together in spirit to do our individual parts in conserving Earth’s precious resources. As your local dumpster rental company, Green Terra Disposal is committed to environmentally responsible waste management every day, and we’d like to share some ideas for your participation in Earth Day 2020.

We Are All Empowered to Make an Impact on the Earth

On a planet of 197 million square miles of surface area, it might seem like one person’s efforts could never amount to much. But that’s simply not true. In the case of environmental conservation, the old adages, like every little bit helps or if each person just does his or her part, carry a lot of impact. The actions of each person not only affect the environment but also influence others.

What part can you play on Earth Day to show your love for the planet? We just so happen to have a few ideas for how you can celebrate Earth Day, and we’d love to hear yours!

  • Leave no trace – As you take time to explore our state parks for exercise and fresh air, be sure to take along a trash bag for your snack wrappers. If you see trash along the way, add it to your own trash bag for proper disposal. Also, take care not to be overly disruptive to the ecosystem. Stay on trails and avoid uprooting the vegetation that grows in our parks and forests.
  • Separate trash from recyclables – Even though most of us feel pretty confident about what is recyclable and what isn’t, we could all use a refresher. Plastic grocery bags and other plastics of similar consistency can’t be placed with general recycling, as these materials clog the processing machines. Soft bags should be taken to designated drop-offs, usually found at grocery store entrances. Containers with food residue should not be placed with regular recycling either. If you can’t clean the container, it’s better to throw it away. If you have any doubts about your recycling habits or need some recycling tips, call your provider for a list of acceptable items.
  • Reduce energy consumption at home – Now that we are all in our houses all day and night, home energy consumption is on the rise. Be mindful of turning off lights in empty rooms, unplugging unused appliances, and making sure outlets aren’t being overloaded with devices and chargers. Consider switching to LED light bulbs throughout your home for serious energy savings. Not only do LED bulbs use far less energy than incandescent bulbs, but they last longer and do not emit heat, which reduces energy and waste.
  • Get out and enjoy nature – The air hasn’t been this clear in about 100 years! With little air traffic and reduced industrial emissions, the sky is bright, and visibility is high. Be sure to spend plenty of time outside where you can fully appreciate the improved air quality. Once life gets back underway, consider how you can continue contributing to clean air and a better environment. How can you put your ideas into practice and influence your workplace, family, and neighbors to join the effort?

Green Terra Disposal Thinks of Every Day as Earth Day

Green Terra Disposal isn’t just our name, it’s our commitment to environmentally responsible waste management. We start by keeping our dumpsters as clean as possible so that the contents aren’t contaminated with old waste. Once we remove a dumpster, we take it to a recycling facility to make sure as much of the contents as possible can be recycled. To that end, we are also careful not to accept any hazardous items or materials that contaminate dumpster contents or the environment.

We work to reduce overall resource impact by protecting the ground on which our dumpsters are placed and offering a variety of sizes to ensure the most efficient clean-out and hauling process. We also keep everything local. Our storage and recycling facilities are all right here in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, so there are no long-distance energy costs associated with our service.

We know that waste management and green company initiatives have not always gone hand in hand, but Green Terra Disposal is committed to changing that perception with residential and commercial dumpster rentals that help you clean up in the most eco-friendly ways.

Communities in Quarantine Celebrate Earth Day 2020

While Earth Day 2020 will be quieter than usual and missing all the wonderful annual community projects that typically kick off the spring outdoor season, there are still many ways for individuals, families, and businesses to take action on behalf of our one and only home.

We invite you on this incredibly unique Earth Day to come up with your own ways to contribute to environmental conservation. What are your opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Why not use your social media account to start a conversation? Share what you are doing for Earth Day, offer ways to get involved, and ask for more ideas! Pretty soon, we’ll all be doing our small part to make a big difference.

If you have a residential or commercial clean-out or renovation coming up, contact us to find out about our eco-friendly dumpster rental options.


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